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Video: Pulse Broadband and Ralls County Electric Cooperative (RCEC)

On September 3, 2009, Rural Fiber Works founder Mitch Shapiro interviewed Bill Shreffler, CEO of Pulse Broadband, and Dan Strode, General Manager and CEO of Ralls County Electric Cooperative (RCEC). RCEC, with Pulse's assistance, has submitted a stimulus application to build a fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) network using Pulse technology and services. Video excerpts of the interview are provided below.

Overview of Pulse Broadband services and RCEC's fiber network project (4:46)

In this segment, Bill explains what Pulse has to offer, including flexible turnkey services, patented low-cost FTTP technology, support for an open access model, and the ability to make fiber economical even in very low density areas. Dan adds his thoughts on what Pulse has to offer, from his perspective as a rural co-op manager wanting to bring high-quality yet affordable broadband to his members:

Pulse's open access model (6:37)

In this segment Bill and Dan discuss Pulse's ability to support an open-access model and what it means for RCEC and other co-ops with small staffs and limited budgets. Dan notes that the open access model is akin to the electricity business, and is "liberating for [RCEC] as a small entity." Bill explains the current capabilities of Pulse's open-access platform and its significance:

Network services and benefits (5:20)

Dan discusses some of the benefits the fiber network will have for RCEC members, describing its significance as comparable to RCEC's introduction of electricity many years ago. He explains how RCEC is already working with the region's medical community on planning tele-health applications, and to support first responders, utility "smart grid" applications, and video distribution of local sporting events, church services, and more. Noting the high cost of transportation in RCEC's rural area and the unmatched capacity of fiber optics to support high-bandwidth services, Dan says "the sky's the limit" in terms of the benefits the co-op's network will deliver:

RCEC's Dan Strode on working with Pulse (2:22)

Dan talks about what its been like working with Pulse, including preparation of the stimulus grant application. He's clearly a satisfied customer:

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