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Economic & community growth

Strategic Networks Group (SNG) is Rural Fiber Works' industry-leading partner for maximizing the economic and social benefits of fiber networks. We refer to these combined benefits as the "Community Return on Investment" (ROI).

SNG has helped dozens of communities on three continents develop broadband strategies to maximize their Community ROI.

Proven research tools

For 10 years SNG has combined industry-leading knowledge of broadband's role in economic development with cost-effective and field-proven research tools.

SNG is a pioneer in understanding and facilitating the transformative benefits of fiber. In 2007 they conducted a groundbreaking study of three U.S. municipal fiber projects

that provided clear evidence of fiber's benefits beyond those available from less-capable broadband technologies.

Revitalizing communities

SNG will help your community's businesses and public-service organizations identify and adopt practices that leverage the power of fiber. These practices will enable them to transform the way they operate, compete, and deliver value.

Changing organization-level processes throughout your community will maximize the economic growth and social benefits from your fiber investment.

Using SNG's research and planning services, utility managers can be confident that, as they build their fiber network, they will also strengthen the communities they serve. And these benefits will be measurable, replicable and expandable.

This can include customized SNG services targeting specific high-priority sectors like healthcare, as well as programs that support broadband-related jobs and training.

A small but high-value investment

As communities around the world have found, if you're going to invest millions of dollars in a broadband network, it's wise to add less than 1% to your budget for research and planning that maximizes your community benefits.

This small incremental investment is especially timely and cost-effective today, since up to 80% can be funded under NTIA's "sustainable broadband adoption" program.

Rural Fiber Works' close working relationships with both SNG and Pulse Broadband enables your community to maximize the transformative impact of its fiber network.

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