Rural Fiber Works Revitalization
Rural Fiber Works

Rural Fiber Works

The promise of revitalization

Rural Fiber Works was founded by Mitch Shapiro, an industry analyst for over 20 years with a longstanding vision of networked communities. His purpose is to help rural and municipal utilities revitalize their communities and enable them to compete in the global information economy.

In 2008 Mitch co-authored the Municipal & Utility Guidebook to Bringing Broadband Fiber Optics to Your Community, which analyzed the transformative benefits of community-focused fiber optic networks, and the strategies and issues related to achieving them.

These benefits include economic and job growth, reduced transportation costs and carbon footprints, improved education, healthcare, public safety, government services and overall quality of life. Taken together, these benefits comprise a network's Community Return on Investment.

The power of fiber optics
reaching rural America

Connecting communities
with the speed of light

Implementing revitalization

Rural Fiber Works helps local utilities maximize their Community ROI by coordinating Pulse Broadband's network and business services with Strategic Networks Group's (SNG) research and planning for economic growth.

At no added cost, you can have Mitch's expertise and experience on your team from the outset, benefiting from our close working relationships with both Pulse and SNG.

We work with local utilities and our partners to identify a community's needs and goals, and tailor a strategy for maximizing the benefits of its fiber network deployment. We then provide ongoing support as our partners work with local utilities and community stakeholders to implement that strategy.

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