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Pulse Broadband is Rural Fiber Works' industry-leading partner for deploying and managing fiber to the premise (FTTP) networks.

Cost-cutting technology

Pulse's patented FTTP architecture enables affordable access to high performance broadband for rural communities.

It also supports the "open-access" capacities well-suited to utilities' business models, and favored for stimulus funding.

A spectrum of services

Pulse services include analysis of the business case for deploying a new fiber network in your community.

They also handle network design and construction, and help prepare your stimulus funding application.

Pulse also offers a full menu of management services, up to and including turnkey operations. This can help utility FTTP projects meet state requirements.

An experienced team

Pulse CEO Bill Shreffler has served as president of two major cable companies and been recognized by American Executive and Smart Business for his committment to excellence and customer service.

Pulse's technical team is headed by Dave Pangrac and Don Gall. Twenty years ago they developed the HFC architecture that transformed cable TV into today's video, voice and internet "triple-play" services.

Transformation has begun

Just as the invention of HFC networks transformed the cable business, Pulse's FTTP architecture will transform rural broadband service.

The first round of stimulus applications included Pulse FTTP projects from Ralls County Electric Cooperative (RCEC) in Missouri and Kit Carson Electric (KCE) in New Mexico. Both governors supported the projects, and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon spoke passionately about the Ralls County project here.

Affordable at low densities

The Ralls County project is especially notable since it was approved by RUS on 1/25/2010, and includes 6,000 electric meters spread over 1,400 miles of electric plant - an average of just 4.3 meters per plant mile, You can see segments of an interview with RCEC CEO Dan Strode and Pulse CEO Bill Shreffler here.

Rural Fiber Works' close working relationships with both Pulse and Strategic Network Group enables your community to maximize the transformative impact of its fiber network.

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