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The page contains links to information useful for rural co-ops, municipal utilities and other organizations considering investing in community broadband networks.

Pulse Broadband's FTTP Project with Ralls County Electric Co-op (RCEC)

Rural Utilities Service (RUS) approves stimulus funding for construction of Ralls County FTTP network.
Video interview with RCEC CEO Dan Strode and Pulse CEO Bill Shreffler (multiple segments, each 2-7 minutes long)
Pulse Broadband: Making Rural Fiber Work (published in September issue of FTTH Prism)
Ralls County Electric Co-op seeks major Internet upgrade, Hannibal Courier-Post, Aug 25, 2009 (article with video)
Local co-op on cutting edge, Hannibal Courier-Post (video)
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's speech at RCEC headquarters (video)
KHQA TV Coverage (video)

Strategic Networks Group Projects

Broadband Planning and Economic Development
Economic Impact Analysis
Market Planning/Economic Profiles
Regional/Community Development Planning

Strategic Networks Group Reports & Presentations

The Transformative Effects of FTTP, March 2008
Uses and Impacts of FTTH in Jackson, TN, May 2007
Uses and Impacts of FTTH in Bristol, VA, May 2007
Economic Development and Job Creation from Broadband, May 2009
Importance of FTTP to Business Location, July 2008
eSolutions Benchmarking Report for Akron, Ohio, July 2009

Articles, Blog Posts and Reports on Rural Fiber

The Municipal and Utility Guidebook to Bringing Broadband Fiber Optics to Your Community

Co-authored by Rural Fiber Works founder Mitch Shapiro, the guidebook includes in-depth case studies of successful community-fiber networks, lessons learned by pioneering network projects, and analysis of project economics and a range of community benefits generated by such networks. The guidebook was distributed by the Public Technology Institute and the American Public Power Association. A Table of Contents for it is here.

Geoff Daily is a well-informed and articulate advocate of rural fiber. Some of his blog posts focused on this topic are listed below.
Why We Need Fiber For All, August 31, 2009
We Can't Afford To Short Change Rural America, February 6, 2009
Misconceptions About Rural Broadband, January 19, 2009

Broadband Internet's Value for Rural America (5.3 MB file)
An August 2009 report by the US Department of Agriculture that found greater economic growth in rural communities with greater broadband Internet access.

Rural broadband = more jobs, better salaries, Aug. 20, 2009
This article at Ars Technica summarizes some of the key findings of the above USDA report.

Stimulus-related rural broadband resources

Broadband Funding Under the Telecommunications Program
This 20-slide presentation provides an overview of RUS broadband loan programs in general and with specific reference to programs set up by the ARRA stimulus bill.

Rural Development Telecommunications Program Update
This 38-slide presentation reviews the various components of the Rural Development Telecommunications Program

Rural Utilities Service Broadband Initiatives Program fact sheet
This is a 2-page overview of the RUS Broadband Initiatives Program created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)


American Telemedicine Association
Provides a range of information and resources related to telemedicine technology, policy and applications, related groups, meetings and professional development, including links to other telemedicine information resources

USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program
Information on USDA distance learning and telemedicine grant program
Online telehealth resource with a particular focus on mental health sector

Telehealth World Magazine
Telehealth-focused publication and collection of related resources and links

Department of Health and Human Services Telehealth web page
Web site with information about federal government grants and programs related to telehealth and other useful reference material and links

Wikipedia page on Telehealth, with links to other sources

Distance Learning

US Distance Learning Association
Provides a range of resources, including publications, podcasts, reports, webinars, etc.

The American Distance Education Consortium
Consortium of approximately 65 state universities and colleges, including links related to educational programs, coursework, grants, publications and more.
Provides information on specific distance education programs, including links to articles related to distance education.
Links to national, state and international distance learning associations and resources

USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine Program
Information on USDA distance learning and telemedicine grant program

Wikipedia page on Distance Education

Online resource for individuals and organizations that want to learn more about telework or start a telework program. Includes links to telework-related organizations

Telework Exchange
Online telework-related information and resources, including a newsletter. Focused primarily on federal government workers and programs.

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