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Rural areas & small towns need high performance internet

Too many American small towns and rural areas lack the broadband connectivity they need to survive and thrive in the competitive global economy. Rural utilities can now change that.

Fiber optics sets the high performance standard

If a community invests in broadband, the most future-ready, high-capacity, reliable network is fiber optics.

Though everyone agrees with this, many still believe fiber is too costly to deploy in rural areas. That's no longer the case. Today fiber works for rural America.

The power of fiber optics
reaching rural America

Connecting communities
with the speed of light

New patented technology cuts costs & expands revenue options

Our partner Pulse Broadband's turnkey fiber solution costs less to build and operate, enables new revenue strategies, and has ongoing support available. We'll also help you apply for federal funds that reduce costs further.

And community development planning maximizes benefits

Research by our partner Strategic Networks Group shows broadband can increase GDP up to ten times network costs. We help you maximize economic and social benefits from your fiber investment.

Lower costs plus increased benefits maximizes your "Community Return on Investment."

Rural Fiber Works is uniquely qualified to coordinate deployment of an advanced fiber network with an economic growth strategy to revitalize your community. At no extra cost your broadband project can benefit from our expertise and close working relationships with Pulse Broadband and Strategic Networks Group.
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